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temperature resistant, stiff, recyclable and made from 100% post-consumer PET
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High-tech product made out of PET bottles

ArmaFORM PET Foil is the newest addition to ArmaFORM PET range: thin PET sheets made from 100% recycled PET material as an alternative to existing XPE and XPP thermoplastic foil products.

Unique material properties
Available in various thicknesses starting from 1 mm and different densities from 70 - 300 kg/m and customized formulations, ArmaFORM PET Foil is designed to provide a highly sustainable and improved alternative to cross-linked XPE and XPP products. Particulary its improved stiffness and compression properties in combination with thermal and chemical stability differentiate ArmaFORM PET Foil from other thermoplastic foil products. Its closed and fine cells provide a smooth surface structure for better processing in terms of lamination, die cutting, forming and more. A variety of facings, such as non-woven, aluminum, glass scrim, can easily be applied.

Outstanding temperature performance
ArmaFORM PET provides an unrivalled service temperature range: it is resistant to cold from -40C to heat up to 180C. The heat resistance provides a significantly broader thermoforming window than comparable XPE and XPP products and simplyfies processing and shaping. The standard grade of ArmaFORM PET Foil fulfills FMVSS302 and DIN 4410 fire testing with classification B2. Customized formulations for increased fire resistance are available on request.

The "green" option among thermoplastic foils: high-tech product made out of PET bottles
Like all ArmaFORM PET products, PET Foil stands for a highly ecological product with significantly reduced CO2 emissions and cumulative energy demand compared to the products currently available on the market. The new PET Foil is 100% made out of the recyclate of PET bottles, 100% of production scrap flows back into manufacturing and PET Foil can be completely recycled at the end of its service life. ArmaFORM PET Foil has an excellent environmental performance: the material requires 3.5 times less energy for its production than PE foil of the same size and density and causes 94% less CO2 emissions.

Being a recyclable product already made of 100% recycled material ArmaFORM PET Foil supports the automotive industry and others in their drive towards sustainable solutions.
Automotive: door water shields, roof liner, chamber absorbers, wheel protection, trunk lining
Building & Construction: cladding panels, bath tubes, shower receivers, formworks / mould making, FRP shelters
General Industry: surfboards, canoe, billeboards, non-food packaging

Mr. Guy Reuland
E-mail: guy.reuland@armacell.com
Phone: 0032 87 325073

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