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The Lightweight Core For Strong Structures

PET based foams are the newest of the structural core materials. Being the first in the market, Armacell commercially launched ArmaFORM PET foam core only in 2007. Although a relatively recent development, ArmaFORM PET has been able to secure an established place among the core materials for sandwich constructions.

Key to the success of ArmaFORM PET is the unique combination of material and processing properties. High structural strength at low weight, excellent fatigue resistance, and very good temperature stability are the important factors that enable ArmaFORM PET to substitute more traditional core materials such as PVC, SAN or Balsa. Its closed cell structure ensures minimal humidity absorption and keeps the risk of physical degradation very low. Additional important benefits of ArmaFORM PET are its best-in-class FST properties and recyclability. The latter makes ArmaFORM PET very attractive for applications with focus on “green aspects”. With the basic properties of being a thermoplastic, ArmaFORM PET has wide processing possibilities. Having both thermo set and thermoplastic properties allows ArmaFORM PET to be easily thermoformed and thus tremendously extends the possibilities in design (3D-shape).

All the benefits of ArmaFORM PET foam cores at a glance:
  • Excellent damage tolerance.
  • Outstanding fatigue resistance (high treshold >60%).
  • Excellent long-term thermal stability.
  • Limited density variation (<5kg/m).
  • High processing temperature of 150 C (short-term curing temperature up to 180 C).
  • Very good thermal insulation properties.
  • Closed cell: limited water & resin absorption, no corossion and no degradation over time.
  • Excellent mechanical properties.
  • Thermoformable (3D-shape).
  • Easy processing (with most types of resin and lamination processes and no toxic out-gassing).
  • Good screw retention.
  • Environmentally friendly (100% recyclable).
  • Best-in-class fire properties (M1/F1, DIN5510).
  • DNV and GL certified.
The ArmaFORM PET foam core product family:

ArmaFORM PET GR Light weight and 100% made of recycled PET packaging waste – the ideal combination for highly sustainable requirements. 

ArmaFORM PET FR Best in class fire properties (NF F16-101; DIN 5510) for weight sensitive applications with stringent flame, smoke and toxicity requirements. 

ArmaFORM PET AC The standard for the requirements of modern composite materials: low weight and high mechanical strength in conjunction with residual flexibility and maximum service life. 

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