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ArmaFORM PET in Building & Construction
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The ideal relationship between load-strength and lightness and the ability to be shaped freely make ArmaFORM PET the perfect core material for the demanding modern construction industry. Compared to traditional building materials like steel/concrete structures and other foam core materials, the benefits of building with ArmaFORM PET are:

Freedom in design
  • Thermo-formability allows 3D shape and double curve.
  • Almost any surface material is possible.
  • Smooth surface without joints over larger areas.
Lightweigth structures
  • Ideal combination of self-support and load-bearing.
  • Less demand on supporting structure.
  • Larger areas without secondary support.
Ease of assembly
  • Lighter foundations and support structures.
  • Reduced complexity and shorter construction times.
  • Flexibility in production.
Optimum long-term behaviour
  • Outstanding fatigue resistance for long-term stability.
  • Excellent resistance to corrosion and rotting lowers maintenance.
  • Integrated thermal insulation and structural dampening.
  • Easier maintenance requirements and lower costs.
Unique eco-balance
  • Use of eco-friendly raw materials during the energy-saving production process.
  • Reduced carbon emissions during transportation.
  • Low maintenance and improved insulation efficiency during operation.
  • Full recyclability at the end of its life cycle.

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